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The VíaViente Miracle is an Anti-Oxidant* Rich Whole Food Puree Beverage that works to support your Wellness and Increased Energy. Anti-Oxidant*-Rich fruits and roots help neutralize free-radical damage so you can Feel Younger Longer while a Unique Blend of Chelated Minerals supports your Increased Energy.

*The ViaViente Miracle contains Anti-Oxidant Vitamins C & E and the Mineral Selenium


What is ViaViente?

ViaViente is an Anti-Oxidant rich blend of natural whole fruit purees that is formulated to support optimum health. Twelve years of scientific development came to fruition in July of 2003 when the first bottle of ViaViente was made available to the public. Since that time, news of ViaViente has spread worldwide from one person sharing the Product and its healing support and energy properties with others.

The idea of ViaViente began in 1991 when company President and Founder Craig Keeland asked, “How can we live younger longer and in a state of youthfulness?” His quest took him deep into the heart of the rainforest, high in the Andes Mountains to the Vilcabamba Valley where 1 in 64 people live to be over 100 years of age (as compared to 1 in 7,000 in the US). Scientists have studied the people living in this remote village for decades. According medical journalist Dr. Morton Walker, “The Vilcabambans are some of the healthiest people on earth.”

In 1973, Dr. Alexander Leaf of Harvard Medical School introduced these remarkable people to the world for the first time in his cover story for National Geographic Magazine. In 1981, the Ecuadorian government hired medical journalist Dr. Morton Walker to study these people in depth. In his book, The Secret to a Youthful Long Life, Dr. Walker reported that his research showed that the mineral rich water that the Vilcabambans drank was key to their long lives and health. Laboratory analysis of the Vilcabamba water determined that the unique balance of minerals in the local drinking water was ideal for promoting optimum human health. Additional research showed that the Vilcabambans’ diet of Anti-Oxidant rich fruits from the region were another significant contributor to their remarkable good health.

shotglass with viaviente inAfter traveling to Vilcabamba himself, Craig Keeland assembled a dream team of nutritional formulators and scientists to combine the mineral water just like the Vilcabamban's mineral rich drinking water with Anti-Oxidant rich fruits and roots from the region. After twelve years of intensive scientific work, ViaViente was at last made available to the public in a good tasting juice drink that is designed to support the body’s natural healing mechanism and energy producing capabilities. In 2007, ViaViente Formula 2.0 was released. This new formulation includes the Anti-Oxidant rich Super-Foods Pomegranate and Lycium Fruit.

Additionally in 2007, ViaViente became the FIRST product in the market to receive the coveted Brunswick Labs ORAC Seal of Certification for its Anti-Oxidant content. ORAC is the global scientific standard for Anti-Oxidant measurement. In on-going laboratory analysis, ViaViente continues to outpace ALL competitors with more than two times the ORAC rating of any other product in the market.

In 2017, the 3rd Generation: The ViaViente Miracle (a concentrated version of the original formula) was introduced to eventually phase out the less convenient and more expensive (due to shipping costs) original formula. The ViaViente Miracle formula requires no refrigeration and a smaller size dosage than the original formula and can be more convenient with which to travel since it comes in a smaller 2-oz bottle (packages in a box of 4) as well as a 8-oz bottle which are both 32 servings as was the original 32-oz bottle.

bottle of viaviente with fruitSince its introduction to the public in July 2003, people around the world are finding that ViaViente is Restoring Health and Hope Around the World with its unique formulation that supports both wellness and increased energy.

*ViaViente contains Anti-Oxidant Vitamins C & E and the Mineral Selenium