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By now you've seen how The ViaViente Miracle is an excellent way to improve your health. In addition to this, The ViaViente Miracle offers you several effective ways to earn and save money. The distribution model of ViaViente eliminates the middle-man and pays real people, people like you, for sharing this life-changing product.


ViaVienté began its development in 1991, and has been deliveringproduct since 2003. The company was debt free and profitable within 60 days. Explosive growth has allowed us to expand into 25 countries and territories and is only possible because we have a product designed with integrity, an outstanding marketing plan and leadership with decades of experience in this industry, sales and direct marketing. It is this hands on experience and success that you can count on when implementing

“The 7 Ways to Succeed with ViaVienté.”

Simple, Duplicable, and Effective The best marketing tools are easy to learn and even easier to use. Can you hand someone a DVD, get them on a phone call or ask them to visit your website? Of course you can. Joining ViaVienté isn’t just becoming an advocate of the number one, independently verified, product on the market; it is getting started with a complete plan for success. With 7 Ways to Succeed you can choose to focus on the one that suits your situation best or implement multiple strategy to fast


Retail is the most basic way to profit and market ViaVienté. Whether you have a storefront or just feel like selling a few extra bottles, our wholesale prices are almost 50% less than retail prices allowing for a near 100% markup so that you can enjoy a lucrative profit while encouraging people to try the product. And the best part is that market research has shown an extremely high conversion rate for people who try even one bottle of ViaVienté! Sell them a bottle and then give them a brochure or a DVD and send them to your website and watch your Via Business grow.


Internet marketing IS the wave of the future and becoming a member with ViaVienté gives you your very own internet website and presence. Just for joining the Via team you get a one page website that includes everything you need to learn and teach people about the compensation plan, the product, and the details of how to sign up. This is a one stop shop to YOUR success that means you don’t have to be an expert on the business or the product to effectively build your business, all you need to do is know how to tell people to look at your website. Want more features and functionality? For an affordable monthly fee you can upgrade this site and have access to social networking tools, e-mail resources, data gathering and all the most advanced internet marketing tools to today’s digital revolution.

Automated Call

Our automated call has been proven time and again as one of the easiest ways to introduce the Via Opportunity to a new person. It is fun to listen to, and great for those people with ZERO marketing experience. To be effective with this tool, all you need to do is know how to 3-way conference call on your phone and follow the tutorial. Call 507.726.3789

Sample Packs and Postcards or Brochures

With the best product and compensation plan on the market ViaVienté sells itself. One ounce sample packs combined with our brochures or postcards designed to spark people’s interest while answering all their questions has been shown to be one of the fastest and most effective methods of building residual income.

Live Opportunity Calls

Sometimes the best approach is the ‘live’ approach, this is why our team leaders conduct live calls several times a week. Live calls are hosted by leaders in the company that have already achieved the success you are working towards and are great for people who prefer a more personal touch. These calls run about 20 minutes in length, cover everything you need to know about the business and the product, and are free to participate in and VERY effective. Just talk to the person who has enrolled you to find out when the next one is and listen in and think about how YOU can benefit yourself and your business by using this time tested tool for direct marketing.

Live Presentations and Trainings

Live presentations and trainings are happening all over the country to help you build your business and succeed with our company. Because the ‘face to face’ approach for enrolling new members is so effective and easy to do, ViaVienté has created a simple 7 step tutorial for running your own live presentations and trainings. To make this even easier, our leaders are also conducting these events on a regular basis so you can take advantage of their skill and success and just bring your people to an event. Just talk to your enroller and see when the next meeting is in your area . . . or plan one of your own and make use of our amazing tutorial.

The Via Opportunity DVD

A picture says a thousand words and this DVD is designed to tell the story of ViaVienté and help you succeed. Compiled by our team of marketing experts with input from customers and team leaders, this DVD has everything a person needs to know to get started with ViaVienté. It includes details on our cutting edge process for preserving ViaVienté’s ingredient chemistry and keeping ViaVienté alive, the story of Vilcabamba, the 7 straight facts that separate ViaVienté from every other product on the market, an overview of the compensation plan and details on our turnkey system for easy success. Distributing DVDs is a fun, easy and very rewarding way to build your Via business.